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Audiologist at HearProf – Chantel Victor

HearProf was found in 2012.  We have a full time audiologist who is always ready to take only the best care of our patients’ hearing needs. We cherish each and every patient who sets foot into our offices. Individual care is taken with each patient and determination in the satisfaction of the patient’s needs. Therefore, we constantly strive to always understand our patient’s needs and find the best possible solution for the individual to live a better life.

HearProf is situated in Alberton and Life Roseacres Clinic in Primrose.  We are a practice trusted by many general practitioners and Ear-, Nose-, and Throat Specialists whom refer their patients and entrust them in our care.

Our Audiologist is highly qualified and trained to serve and treat our patients with only the best care through knowledge, experience and passion for what she does. Being diagnosed with a hearing loss can be difficult, scary and uncomfortable but rest assured that our staff will take the time to listen, understand and determine the best possible solution that will suite your specific listening needs. Welcome to a better way of living, welcome to a new you.


Receptionist at HearProf – Crystal Robertson

My name is Crystal Robertson, & I reside in Alberton. I am a friendly, & patient receptionist/administrator who works for the rooms of Chantel Victor (HearProf). And have been guided & trained by skilled, passionate & driven Audiologists.

I enjoy assisting clients with daily audiology queries & assistance with hearing aids.

My vision & mission is to make the community aware as to how important the sense of hearing is in our everyday lives, & how important it is to protect one’s hearing. It is imperative to have one’s hearing checked at least once every year. Hearing loss can affect our lives in many different ways. Socially, academically & in the work environment.


What we do Best

We at HearProf provide our services with the greatest of pride. These services include diagnostic hearing tests, neonatal screenings, paediatric testing, hearing aid fittings, noise protection, industrial hearing tests and treatment options for Tinnitus.  In addition to offering these services from our offices we offer mobile audiological services to surrounding old age homes and crèches.

HearProf offers telephonic support with regards to problem solving and seeing to patients’ enquiries.  HearProf is contracted in with medical aids and claims can be submitted directly to the medical aid.

At HearProf we treat our patients with compassion, care and integrity.  We strive to give only the best of ourselves to our patients starting off with a client audiologist relationship and then establishing special friendships.

We keep close contact with our patients, ensuring that they are comfortable with their hearing aids, in order for the patient to reap the full benefit of their new set of “ears” and the hearing aids not ending up in the “closet”.

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