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Premium Hearing Test

Do I need a hearing test? Your audiologist will take a full case history including establishing the reason for your visit, your medical history and needs.

Paediatric Evaluations

Paediatric hearing evaluations are in essence similar to the standard test battery for adults, with a few adaptations such as play audiometry.

Tinnitus (Ringing In Ears)

Do you have a constant or occasional ringing, buzzing, whistling, humming or clicking in your ears? Consult with a hearing Professional at HearProf

What will happen if I leave my Hearing Loss Untreated?

Untreated hearing loss has shown to have serious social, emotional, physiological and psychological effects on an individual. The single most devastating effect of untreated hearing loss is Auditory Deprivation.

Use it or Lose it!

When the auditory nerve and areas in the brain responsible for processing and interpreting of sound are deprived of sound, they atrophy or weaken. This is referred to as “Auditory deprivation”.

The single most important key to hearing better for longer is to keep the hearing mechanism active and not let it weaken. This is done through the use of hearing aids – even if the hearing loss is very minimal.

The earlier the hearing loss is treated, the better your outcome with hearing aids will be in the long term.

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These are the Tests we perform to determine hearing loss

Hearing Screening at R95 includes

HP Icon_otoscopic exam_2
Otoscopic Examination

The Otoscopic Examination is done by looking into the ear with a light to inspect the outer ear canal and eardrum.

HP Icon_pure tone audiometry_2
Pure Tone Audiometry (Air Conduction Testing)

Pure Tone Testing Audiometry is the key test in establishing the patient’s hearing levels, where different tones are presented to the ear.

HP Icon_tympanometry test_2
Tympanometry Testing

Tympanometry is a test done by inserting a small probe into the outer part of the ear canal, a slight pressure is built up in the ear and measurements are done in the form of a tympanogram.

Additional Tests should you fail the Hearing Screening

HP Icon_acoustic reflex testing_2
Acoustic Reflex Testing

Acoustic reflex measurements are done to measure the involuntary muscle contraction that occurs in the middle ear in response to loud sounds.

HP Icon_pure tone audiometry_2
Pure Tone Audiometry (Bone Conduction Testing)

Pure Tone Testing Audiometry is the key test in establishing the patient’s hearing levels, where different tones are presented to the ear.

HP Icon_speech audiometry_2
Speech Audiometry

Lists of words are presented to the patient. It is expected of the patient to repeat the words heard to the audiologist. This test provides the audiologist with important information.


A Couple of Common Questions

If you think you have a hearing loss and might benefit from a hearing aid, you can visit an Audiologist. An audiologist is a hearing health professional who identifies and measures hearing loss and will perform a hearing test to assess the type and degree of loss.

Hearing aids can’t cure hearing loss, just as glasses do not cure your farsightedness or nearsightedness, but it CAN help you hear better in those difficult to hearing situations.

Hearing aids are tools to manage your hearing difficulties and improve overall life quality.

Hearing with both ears (binaural) is better than hearing with only one ear, IF there is a hearing loss in both ears. Noise induced hearing loss and age related hearing loss tend to affect both ears.


Two hearing aids:

  • Help you to detect the direction of sound
  • Reduce the need for extra volume
  • Prevent deterioration of hearing
  • Help you to hear speech better within noise
  • Deliver higher satisfaction with hearing aids overall
  • Mask Tinnitus

Research has shown that hearing aids play a significant role in a patient’s overall psychological, emotional, social and physical well-being.

More specifically, treatment of hearing loss has shown to improve:

  • Emotional stability
  • Ease in communication
  • Easy communication in relationships
  • Social participation
  • Warmth and intimacy in family relationships
  • Sense of control over life
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