How do we hear

The human ear is a precisely tuned system with a sensitivity and range that outperforms the most elaborate sound system ever manufactured. The ear contains many physiological mechanisms, and a breakdown or disruption in any of these can result in hearing difficulties.

The ear is made out of three different parts:

Outer Ear:

The shape of the outer ear helps to collect the sound waves and direct them through the auditory canal to the eardrum.

Middle Ear:

Contains the eardrum and three smallest bones in your body: the hammer, anvil and stirrup (malleus, incus and stapes). These transfer sound waves to the inner ear.

Inner Ear:

Sound waves are changed into electrical impulses by the cochlea. There are tiny sensory cells along the entire length of the fluid-filled cochlea. The cochlea transmits the message via the nerve fibres to the area of the brain in charge of processing and interpreting what we hear.

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