Modern features

What does it mean for me?

Natural hearing & quality

Previous generation hearing aids just simply made all sounds louder.  Modern hearing aids make sound audible but do not over amplify unnecessary sounds – this creates natural balanced sound.

Speech understanding

The human brain is able to focus and boost important sound and filter out unimportant sounds – these days, hearing aids can do the same: Making speech understandable and suppressing interrupting noise.

Remote control adjustability

Remote controls enable the user to adjust volume and program settings on the remote, instead of fiddling around with small controls on the hearing aids while the aids are on the ear.

Smartphone Applications

Certain smartphone apps enable you to adjust your hearing aids through the use of an application and no external Bluetooth or wireless devices are necessary.


The traditional plastic or acrylic ear mould which fills the whole ear is not always necessary anymore! We now often use open fittings with slim tubes running from the hearing aid behind the ear into the ear canal making hearing aids much more comfortable.

Rechargeable hearing aids

Traditionally, hearing aids use Zinc-Air batteries which don’t last long at all – now we have the benefit of rechargeable hearing aid batteries in a variety of different hearing aid styles.

Wireless & Bluetooth connectivity

Remote control units with Bluetooth or wireless functionality enable you to listen to any audio device directly through you hearing aid. You can answer your phone through your hearing aid; listen to the television, radio, music and even computer’s sound.

Spatial hearing

Spatial hearing enables us to know from what direction sound is coming.

Comfort in noise

In the past, background noise was a great problem for hearing aid users, but fortunately impressive noise management systems have improved the comfort of listening in noisy environments tremendously!

Speech in Noise

Speech in noise has to date probably been the biggest problem for hearing aid users. Fortunately improved directionality systems and algorithms have improved clarity in noise significantly.

Waterproof Hearing aids

In the past, your hearing aids died at the slightest sight of a raindrop, now – you can swim with certain hearing aids!

Data logging

When you visit your hearing professional, the software will read the data logging on your hearing aid which tells the audiologist for how many hours you have been wearing your hearing aid, in which situations and the changes you had made to the settings and volume. This enables the audiologist to adjust your hearing aid to your needs.

Data learning

This is an option on the hearing aid software which enables the hearing aid to learn the user preferences. For instance, if you turn the volume down every time you get into a noisy situation, the hearing aid will start to do this automatically.


Technology enables you, the end user to firstly have a small, discreet and practically invisible hearing aid, which still has outstanding performance (Not the banana behind the ear anymore!)

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