Prevention of hearing loss

Individuals exposed to loud sound should be vigilant in protecting their hearing through the use of hearing protection mechanisms. Sounds greater than 85dB may cause permanent damage to your hearing.

There is a correlation between the duration of exposure to loud sound and the intensity of sound:

City traffic (inside the car) 85dB 8 hours
Bulldozer 88dB 4 hours
Jazz concert 91dB 2 hours
Lawn Mower 94dB 1 hour
Night Club 97dB 30 minutes
Ambulance siren (inside driver with open window) 100dB 15 minutes
Rock concert or leaf blower 115dB 30 seconds
Gunfire (shooter) 120dB + Immediate damage

Custom made hearing protection

Custom made hearing protectors are ear plugs manufactured exactly according to your ears unique shape. A variety of models are available for different needs.

Products available includes:

  • Plugs made from acrylic or silicone with fixed mechanical filters, adjustable filters or no filters
  • Electronic devices with compression and amplification systems are great for hunters

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