Types of hearing aids

BTE (Behind-the- Ear)

Device with speaker / receiver / mould in the ear

Device with a sound tube

Custom (In-the-Ear)

ITE – In the ear instruments

CIC – Completely in the canal

IIC – Invisible in the canal


The decision between behind the ear hearing aids and in the ear hearing aids should be made in close collaboration with the audiologist

Factors which might influence this decision are:

  • Age & dexterity
  • Type & degree of hearing loss
  • Lifestyle/communication needs’
  • Previous experience with hearing aids
  • Size of ear canal
  • Wax build up


Controlling your hearing aids have never been easier

Remote controls are typically used to adjust the volume and programs easily and discreetly.

Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth devices connect your hearing aid to external audio sources. 

Sounds are sent directly though the hearing aid, enabling you to hear these sounds clearer.  Bluetooth devices can connect up to your cell phone, landline, TV, MP3 player, computer and tablets.

Applications on smart phones & Tablets

Certain applications have been developed that connects with your hearing aid directly in the absence of a middle Bluetooth device.

These applications allow the user to adjust volume, programs, take & make phone calls and listen to music directly from their smartphone or tablet.

FM Systems

These systems are used by hard of hearing children as assistive device together with their hearing aid. This device increases the signal to noise ratio.

In some instances it’s used by adults and children with normal hearing and auditory processing difficulties.


Traditionally, hearing aids work with disposable Zinc air batteries.The latest technology allows you to recharge your hearing aid using a specific charger manufactured for your hearing aids.

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